Due to professional and personal commitments of the reviewer(s), there will be no more reviews of Tamizh films henceforth on this blog. We are unable to regularly update this blog, because we are not paid to do so and we only got to do it, on personal interest basis & also as a hobby. The sheer number of movie releases, week in week out, also takes the toll out of the reviewer(s), because we are unable to keep up with regular and professional bloggers/reviewers.

On behalf of the others, I wish to thank readers/followers of this blog, who have read, commented, praised, appreciated, criticized the writings of this blog, thus far. All feedback are welcomed, irrespective of the nature of them.

We do not know what the future holds, but if fate/time/GOD permits, we do hope that we can continue to post regular movie reviews in the future.

Till then, keep supporting good films and encourage great talents.


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