Prakash Raj as a producer has delivered some feel good breezy movies all under the baton ship of Radha Mohan and they've joined hands once again. But the only difference is that, this time they've gone for a thriller and that too of a flight hijack. This is something new and unattested in Tamizh cinema and it was interesting to see how much they've captured the essence of the theme and also to see how Radha Mohan has come out of his soft and mellifluous themed movies. Moreover Telugu major star Nagarjuna is back to Tamizh cinema after a very long gap.

Radha Mohan has dished out a pretty good decent thriller. Though the films picks up the pace only after Nagarjuna's character was introduced, Radha Mohan has ensured that the screenplay doesn't deviate from the main theme with unnecessary elements. He deserves a pat for underlining the ineffectiveness of the elected government who are more interested in holding to their power, the selfish acts of media people who goes to certain extent just to sensationalize issues by giving false statements and even endangering the lives of others just for the sake of higher TRP ratings. As the case in Unnaipol Oruvan, the common man's anger and frustrations on political and religious issues are also highlighted well through Gnanavel's dialogues which are hard hitting at certain times. The best part of the film is definetly the last 20 minutes of the film which is laced with suspense. Technically the film is good, with Guhan's camera capturing well the interiors of the hijacked plane and also of the airport. But the real hero of the film is the art director Kadhir who has done a really fabulous job in the art department. The detailings on the flight and also of the Tirupathi Airport was near perfect. Kudos to him. Praveen Mani's rerecording is passable thought the only title track was good.

On the acting front, Prakash Raj and Nagarjuna has done their roles as the bereaucrat and commando respectively, in a very dignified manner. Prakash Raj's best must be the scene where he bursts in anger and could no longer be patient with the demands of the terrorist. He poured his anger our, literally. Nagarjuna did a cool role with no heroism although the dubbing voice didn't really elevate the originality feel. Other than these 2, the big supporting cast are the main pillars of the movie. The variety of characters, Kumararaja as the patriotic unemployed youth, Manobala as the popular TV astrologer, Prithviraj as 'Shining Star' Chandrakanth and Sams as his big ardent fan, Thalaivasal Vijay as the Rte Colonel, Rishi as a doctor and Sana Khan as the ordinary teenage gal, MS Baskar as the priest and a whole lot more of them. Each and everyone of them performed to their best and was really convincing. Sams and Pritviraj episodes was really hilarious but the scene stealer is the actor who impersonates as Yusuf Khan, terrorist role.. He was simply awesome with the scared to death kind of role and together with Brahmanandam, they rocked the scenes. MS Baskar has done a serious role this time with conviction. Overall each one of them delivered they're best..

On the whole, Radha Mohan has dished out a different movie which appeals to all section of audience. Hope this movie succeeds to spur on more good films in Tamizh cinema. Let the journey continue on.

Rating: 3.5/5 STARS



Mysskin is back with a crime thriller once again after the emotional journey portrayed in Nandhalala. Comparisons may arise with Anjaathey as both involves nearly the same theme but Yudham Sei has no light moments and is very dark and morbid. An added attraction is the presence of Cheran as the protagonist as well a speacial appearance from Ameer and Neetu Chandra.

The main problem of the film is the pace of the narration. Although the scenes done in a compelling and thrilling manner, but the screenplay is quite slow for a crime thriller genre. It may test the patience of some viewers but for those who forgo the slow mode, this film is a fine take on the angst of the general public on the social perverts and scoundrels.. What makes the film good is that it purely sticks to it's genre and there are no unwanted elements like romance, comedy or songs except for the Kanni Theevu Ponna track. Certain investigative methods shown in the movie do remind us of the style used in the popular CSI series though it was shown realisitically. The linear narration helped us to not get confused and the suspense maintained until the climax was the highlight of the script.

When it comes to performance, Mysskin always brings out the best from his artistes. Cheran as the CBCID officer in search of his missing sister and the officer in charge, is very realistic. The way he was shown didnt invoke the sense of deja-vu or imitation of previous film based police officer roles. His hidden angst and pain was well brought out by Mysskin. YG Mahendran and Lakshmi as the husband and wife couple proved that they're seasoned artistes of high degree of calibre. They're performance was riveting especially in the climax scene. Jayaprakash was stunning as the pathologist and he's proving to be one of the sought after character artiste. The others are casted appropriately.

Technicians behind the movie has worked in tune with the mood of Mysskin. Cinematographer Sathya has captured the night sequences very well and his top and low angle shots help to create the right mood for the film. The usual Mysskin touch like as the camera movement which follows the character in low angle, the stilled position for certain scene are aplenty and is not something to be complained about. Music director K has done a good job with the background score with haunting music but then in some scenes the music is a little out of sync and sounds too melodramatic. There's only one song featured in the movie in which Ameer and Neetu Chandra, who appears as Mysskin's popular yellow sari-clad item gal for songs.

Mysskin should be appreciated for bringing a crime thriller with painful human emotions depicted in the right manner and for showing what the public general thinks of the crime of violence against human. Yudham Sei is filled with pain, anger, hatred and is shown in a morbid manner. It's a good movie but not the best from Mysskin.

Rating: 3/5 STARS