Deiva Thirumagal or if we choose to stick to the original title which was Deiva Thirumagan, was creating lots of buzz and expectations among fans of Cheeyan Dr.Vikram and the general audience as well, thanks to the teaser of Vikram inviting people to the theaters. Once the film, went into the hands of UTV, the media was bombarded with lots of videos, trailers, interviews, stills and etc which created a big hype over this film. Besides that, this is the next offering of director AL Vijay who's last was the super hit and much acclaimed Madrasapattinam. Do both AL Vijay and Vikram live up to the expectations?? It's a thumping yes and they did it with heartfelt honesty.

Dr Cheeyan Vikram, has done a fantabulous job. There are no words to describe his talents as an actor and after a long time, Vikram has delivered a knockout performance and certainly this film will be in the ranks as one of his best performances on screen. The seasoned actor has delivered in all aspects, be it emoting, voice modulation and body language. He has literally lived as the character Krishna, and it must be extremely taxing for him, mentally especially to prepare for this role and to pull it of easily. Although, he garners the viewers' sympathies throughout the film, the court room scene and the following ending sequence was the best and his reactions and emotions conveyed through his eyes, was totally heartbreaking. Simply superb from him. Cheeyan, you ROCK !!

Anushka as the struggling advocate Anuradha should be applauded as well for coming up with a very composed performance. Certainly this one was her best performance in her entire career so far, apart from Arundhathi. Besides that it's a welcome relief to see her in a well etched, homely role, which is more of liker her actual persona rather than the glamdoll, glamorous role she's used to doing. Amala Paul continues her decent run with a matured performance and if she continues this form, she will mold into a very good actress. Nassar as the cunning and feared lawyer, is impressive and very much apt for that role and it must have been a cake walk for the veteran performer. Santhanam, is on a hot streak and though he has lesser scope as a comedian compared to his other movies, he doesn't fail to evoke laughter in every scene which he appears. He has improved himself with better modulations and expressions and his best scene is the "Tea-Coffee" scenes. Totally hilarious. AL Vijay has the same behaviour as director Hari by having lots of co-artistes in the film. All of them such as MS Bhaskar, Sachin Khedekar, Y Gee Mahendran, Krishna Kumar, Surekha, "Black" Paandi, Karthik Kumar, Madurai George, MR Kishore, Priya, Master Amresh, NL Srinivasan did their roles decently and effectively.

But out of all this big group of performers, the actual scene stealer is the little girl "Baby" Sarah, a top child model from Mumbai who did the popular Boyfriend-Girlfriend ad for McDonalds. She's such a cute little thing and conquers the hearts of all the viewers as the daughter of Vikram in the film. It's a very matured performance actually from a girl who is known for being very expressive and outspoken and she has left a deep impact among audiences just like how Shamili did in the classic Mani Ratnam film "Anjali".

AL Vijay gets the best of technicians in this film and the first to be mentioned is the music composer GV Prakash. This combinations is turning out to be one of the best in Tamizh cinema and GV Prakash's music goes hand in hand with the entire script. All his songs are good and soothing to hear, be it "Aariro", "Vizhigalil", "Kadhai Solla Poren" which was beautifully written by Na Muthukumar and not to forget his theme track "Life is Beautiful". His background score also complements well in the film and it does manage to pull the heartstrings of audiences in certain places. Definitely one of his best work. Nirav Shah's camera is another major asset for this film. His camera movements in the opening sequences and the angles he chooses to capture the emotions of the artistes, really elevates the mood of the film and he showed his skill as an ace cinematographer in the picturization of the "Vizhigalil" song. Santhanam's sets, especially the chocolate factory and in the interiors of Krishna's house are very realistic and simple. Anthony as usual was decent in the editing department, though he could have done little better in the first half. Deepali Noor's costumes was perfect for the entire cast and she really made all three girls, Anushka, Amala and Sarah to look beautiful in the film.

AL Vijay did say that he was got the inspiration for Krishna's character by observing people he know off in real life besides films such as I Am Sam and Rain Man. Judging by the storyline, it looks like not only the characterization of Sean Penn in the film I Am Sam was his inspiration but the whole basic storyline of that film, is an inspiration as well. AL Vijay has taken the basic thread of that Hollywood film and tweaked/fine-tuned it and presented his own version of that storyline. He handled the script and the characters very maturely and presented it as a very honest and sincere film. His dialogues are one of the highlights and the movie has many good one's. There are nothing much to complain apart from the slow moving first half.

Deiva Thirumagal has certainly lived up to expectations it created and leaves a deep impact in the hearts and minds of the audiences and it's no surprise to see or hear people having tears in their eyes once the film was over. An emotional, sensitive and honest film.

Ratings: 3.5/5 STARS



Venghai, a product of Hari and Dhanush, both fresh from the successes of their own. A blockbuster for the former and a National Award for the latter, so the expectations tend to swing to the higher degree. Those who are familiar with Tamizh cinema knows what to expect from a Hari film, which has all the necessary ingredients of a pucca commercial Tamizh mass masala movie. Some of his films did very well but there are few which sank without any trace, and this proves that a taut and fast screenplay is very important for a commercial masala film. So, did Hari manage to nail it down this time as well? The answer is............ Not really.

As with any Hari films, this movie too has plenty of character artistes playing small roles from Prakash Raj, Raj Kiran, Charlie, Oorvashi, Paravai Muniamma, Sudha Chandran and etc. Dhanush has not much of scope to perform in this film though he did well with his eye contact and body language and it must have been a cakewalk for him. If Dhanush's role was a cakewalk for him, Prakash Raj's is a step ahead and it's obvious that he's doing these sort of films just for the sake of finances. Can't blame him for that, though. It applies to all other artistes as well, be it Raj Kiran, Oorvashi and etc. In the name of comedy, Ganja Karuppu was a total disgrace and nuisance on the screen and some of his antics was just gross and disgusting. Tamannah has a more serious kind of heroine role this time, with a number of emotional scenes and she has once again proved that she has no inhibitions in flaunting her curves for song sequences (no wonder she's hot on the Telugu market now for her glamshow in few recent films).

On the technical front, this movie has nothing noteworthy. All the departments dished out a average work be it cinematography by Vetri, editing by V.T Vijayan, art direction by Kadhir, choreography by Brindha and Baba Bhaskar and etc. Stunts by Silva and Ganesh was a bit over the top considering the fact that Dhanush has no heavy built physique and songs by Devi Sri Prasad too was very average with the "Kaalangathale" and "Enna Solla Pore" numbers which were the hummable one's but picturization wise, nothing was worthy of talking point and background score was totally unnoticable.

Usually, there's nothing great in Hari's stories but what made some of his films to click was the racy narration and interesting twists and turns in the proceedings of the plot. Venghai too has some of these qualities but then the screenplay was slow and draggy in the first half and as things get heated up in the second half, songs and few sentimental scenes comes in as the speed breaker. Besides that, many scenes evoke a sense of déjà vu to the audiences, thanks to previous films of Hari.

Venghai would have worked big time if it had came out 10 years ago, but it's a decent, average film for those who wants to watch a typical commercial Tamizh movie with all the usual masala ingredients thrown into.

Ratings: 2/5 STARS