After false alarms such as 'Kandhaswamy' and 'Velayudham', finally we have an authentic super hero film made in Tamizh cinema, keeping in mind of the Indian sensibilities and milieu. An ambitious project from Mysskin, this UTV backed film was supposedly meant for Suriya who had to pull out from this project and finally Jiiva stepped into the project and became Tamizh cinema's first super hero. "With great powers, comes great responsibilities". The responsibility is even greater for the director who is going to direct the super hero who has those great responsibilities. Did Mysskin live up to the expectations because he has a very good proven track record and considered to be one of the intense and detailed film director in Tamizh cinema, among the current young and established directors.

Coming to the performance, Jiiva has really done well for the role. Though he has been trained in martial arts before, he took this role seriously and the pain of undergoing intense training was evident in the performance while executing the complex martial arts moves. His dialogue delivery too was very appropriate and facial expressions were spot on. With more serious films under the baton of experienced and talented directors, he will definitely be one among the best of actors in Tamizh cinema. Another flawless acting from Jiiva ! Its been sometime since we saw Narain in the silver screen, and its commendable for him to step out of the conventional roles and do a negative character or precisely the villain. He has given his best, did what Mysskin told him to do so and has worked really well to buff up his physique and also to undergo months of martial arts training. His looks too was very intimidating but his performance in the second half was very questionable. Probably, Mysskin should answer why he asked Narain to perform as such. Pooja Hegde, a second runner-up winner of Miss Universe India 2010, makes her debut through this film. She looks pretty but lesser make up should make her look better. Acting wise, she was just okay. Nassar plays a an important role as the police officer who is on the hunt and he was in his usual best. Flawless and perfect ! Selvaah, makes his appearance as the master of Jiiva, and he has a beautiful role to perform. Kudos to him as well for taking the pains to train for this role. His emotional expressions were subtle, yet strong. The rest of the cast such as Girish Karnad, Naren, Anupama Kumar, Murugados, Sivaraj, Amalados, Darshan and etc does what was taught to them by Mysskin.

'Mugamoodi' has the best of resources with UTV backing it and certainly Mysskin extracted what can be extracted from them. For the costume of 'Mugamoodi' the super hero, it was designed by one called Gaebriella Wilkins, a costume designer for distinguished production units such as Disneyland Hong Kong and Cirque Du Soleil. She has done a good job with the mask especially, considering the fact, the costume was made out of five materials only. Besides her, Amritha Ram the costume designer has done a decent job with the usual clothing of the characters. The costumes of Jiiva and Pooja Hegde for the songs were simple, yet elegant. And not to forget, the costume for the antagonist, Narain.  Radhika, has done well with the choreography section, incorporating some of Mysskin's quirky dance moves. Tapas Nayak, has done good work with the sound designing, especially for the chasing scenes and the night sequences and not to forget, the action sequences. Balasubramaniam, has done a decent job with the art work, especially the hospital set and the room of the Girish Karnad, with all the gadgetry and also the bar setup as well. Gaugin, could have done better with the editing because the second half was quite slow and many scenes which was required, was deleted by him. Cinematography by Sathya was good, with the regular wide-angle shots and lengthy shots, which are a must for a Mysskin film. The night effect shots were well done too, with apt lighting, capturing the moods very well. The highlight of the movie is definitely the stunt choreography and hats off to Tony Leung Siu-hung, an acclaimed expert in Wing Chun - a close-combat form popularized by the legendary Bruce Lee. Tony has had sparring moments with the legend himself, and ironically Wing Chun was developed by Ip Man, the master of Bruce Lee, of whom a feature film was made of, and Tony was the stunts choreographer for that film ! He has trained the artistes very well and with the additional support of 'Action' Prakash, each stunt sequences were unique, realistic and powerful. One of the best action sequences to come out in Tamizh cinema !

Music by K was really good. There are only three songs in the film and it starts off with the "Bar Anthem", a typical Mysskin film song with foot-tapping beats and dance movements, this song was shot in a simple bar setup and had good lighting by Sathya. The pick of the album, "Vaaya Moodi Summa Iruda" was shot in Switzerland, in lush and beautiful scenic locales. The lead pair looked lovely and had soft and fresh color tone throughout the song and "Maayavi" too was shot there in night sequences with the protagonist being the 'Mugamoodi' and the heroine, yearning for him. Though the songs were well shot, its a head-scratching question of why the need for a foreign-location song. The theme music was riveting by K but he could have avoided the techno beats, which are awkward for a dark themed film such as this but his string section composition was brilliant. A real talent to look out for.

Mysskin starts off the movie very well with a suspenseful scene, and the Marvel-type comic book title card was cute, but all that is just secondary when it comes to the overall film. The first half of the film was good, with necessary introductions of the characters and the establishment of the super hero character. But the second half was slow and and quite amusing for the intensity built up in the first half. A couple of scenes were executed well, but the editing choice of Mysskin was not good and he should have worked with his editor in retaining the true essence of his script. In order to establish a super hero, you need to have a real, good, super villain. Narain was good, but his character suffers due to poor handling by Mysskin and by the end of the film, Narain looks like a comical villain with laughable and very fake mannerisms and dialogue delivery. With such a bad villain, your favoritism for the super hero will suffer big time, and it suffered indeed. The birth of 'Mugamoodi' was too simple and conflict goes kaput. The film was imbalanced as Mysskin tried to please all sections of audiences and his action failed big time. The film gets caught in between being dark/serious and simple/appealing. When one finishes watching it, he or she would feel disappointed because Mysskin has done brilliant works before in 'Anjaathey' and 'Yuddham Sei' and this time, its too simple, light and comical and is not hard-hitting as what he wants it to be. This could have been done purposely to attract the children, but Mysskin should know that its very, very difficult to please all of the people, at the same time and he should have used it for some other script, rather than for this. And the other main mistake by him is to etch a rather caricature-style villain who looks like a mean and menacing one, but spews silly and funny dialogues in the end.

'Mugamoodi' is good and not so good, at the same time. Its good, for being a proper super hero film within the Tamizh sensibilities and for its superior technical works. Its not so good because Mysskin's script lacks the raciness and excitement and we have watched better works from him, in the form of his own earlier films. Low intensity, low excitement, slow presentation, 'Mugamoodi' could and should have been better than this.

Ratings: 3/5 STARS



R.Panneeselvam, the director of the well-received 'Renigunta' comes up with another novel and unique script with '18 Vayasu' with the same crew of 'Renigunta' backing him. Produced by S.S Chakkaravarthy with his son Johnny in the lead, this film evoked curiosity with a unique psychiatric syndrome as a theme. Having such themes is not new, since Tamizh cinema fans are accustomed to watching such theme-based films, like 'Sigappu Rojakkal', 'Guna', 'Aalavandhaan', 'Anniyan', and even the latest '3'. What's peculiar here is the theme of clinical lycanthropy, which involves a delusion that the affected person can transform into, has transformed into, or is a non-human animal !

To start of with the cast, the protagonist and heir of the producer, Johnny has done a good job indeed with his character. He is suited for the role of a mentally-affected person and kudos to him for imbibing the body language of animals very aptly. The last stunt scene where he fights like a bull, must have been very painful and exhausting for him. This chap deserves some appreciation for his hard work. Newcomer Gayathri looks okay and homely but she needs intense acting course if she wants to be successful in her career. She looks uncomfortable in her role and is not entirely convincing. Rohini plays an important role but was wasted with very little screen timing. Kannada actor Sathyendran, plays another mentally-challenged person and evokes laughter at times with his antics but tends to go overboard. Yuvarani, J.S, Sevazhai, Krishna Davinci and others make up the cast.

This film has a compilation of talented and interesting technicians behind the film. Sanjay Karan's artwork is minimalistic with little props except for a couple of bazaar sets used for songs. Anthony is behind the editing board, and he tries to keep the pace of the film from not slowing down, but he was unsuccessful largely, thanks to the slow direction of the script. Rajasekar has done a brilliant work with the stunt portions. As this film needs special detailing, he has done his homework very well and brought out the maximum output from Johnny, in executing the stunt scenes. The bull-like fight in the climax, was the best. Great work ! Shakthi, is the man behind the camera and he too has done some wonderful job with interesting low-angles and close-ups. He has managed to capture the dry and dusty landscape the script demanded and maintained a yellow and dusty color tone for the film throughout, except for the night scenes. Also, with the correct length, Shakthi manages to picturize the fights properly and ensured that the hard work done by the stunt choreographer and the protagonist, does not go waste.

Popular hip-hop and rap music artists and producers, Dinesh Kanagaratnam and Charles Bosco duo are the people behind the music of this film. If you keep in mind of their previous works, this album will be a little surprise for you. Most of the tracks in this album are melody numbers, which they are not popular for. "Entha Ulagil" is a good melody number picturized against the lead pair, where the protagonist meets his heroine for the first time and its love at first sight with bazaar sets around. "Aanum Illa" is a song picturized on transgenders and transsexuals, in a night backdrop along the long street with hawker stalls. An unnecessary song in the story line. "Enakkena Nee" is a joyful number, picturized on the lead pair with small number of dancers thrown into with round-trolley shots used mostly in real locations. The pick of the album "Unnai Onru" was picturized in the now unavailable-for-shoot, Madurai Thirumalai Nayakkar Mahal with minimal props and simple costume designs, shot in a typical dance number with plenty of dancers. "Podi Podi Pennae" is a number, picturized on the protagonist, on the run and has strong lighting and dusty tone throughout.

R.Panneerselvam, excited and enthralled us with his previous 'Renigunta' because of the unique stunt scenes and the exciting chase. But here, though the idea and concept was novel and unique, the direction and scripting lets us down big time, due to the bad handling of the director. Except for the lead protagonist, the rest of the cast members have poorly conceived and etched characters, which makes them look like caricatures. There is no cohesion and proper flow in the screen play. Though the songs were nice, they are wrongly placed and makes the screenplay to lag in pace. As the film progresses, boredom sets in with the viewers having no idea of where the film is progressing. Many questions go unanswered and characters go missing for no obvious reasons.

'18 Vayasu' is a tedious affair, with slow and lazy screenplay and a bad direction. After watching this, the viewers would definitely wonder, "Is this film from the same guy who directed 'Renigunta' ?"

Ratings: 2/5 STARS



This film initially made news for the unique posters created by the makers. The curiosity increased several folds once critically acclaimed directors such as Vetrimaran, Thiagaraja Kumararaja, Chimbudevan, Venkat Prabhu and Pandiraj endorsed it. Directed by Pa.Ranjith, a former associate of Venkat Prabhu, Studio Green purchased the distributing rights and through good promotional activities, 'Attakathi' received the right attention it wanted. The promo trailers and songs captured the imagination of the youth audience and promised something casual but different.

Half the battle of winning the approval of the audience and critics is won, if you have the perfect casting and Pa.Ranjith scores very well in this department. Most of the cast are newcomers and obviously the film belongs to the protagonist Dinesh, who has done a remarkable job. Having a theater background and experience acting in small roles in films such as 'Aadukalam' and 'Mouna Guru', Dinesh has done really well considering the fact that he is not accustomed to the lifestyle of the character he played, yet performed very naturally. His transition from a higher secondary school boy, to 'Route Thala' was well captured and depicted. His dialogue delivery too was very well done. Kudos to him ! There are many girls in the film and it takes some time to understand who is the actual heroine. Nandhitha who eventually dons the heroine's role looks very homely and cute, especially in her school uniform attire. Besides, her we have Sofia, Shalini and Aishwarya, who did what was required for their role. The rest of the cast has no known artistes, and this makes the film look very fresh and natural.

The film carries very good technical work. First and foremost, R.S Raja, should be appreciated for the stills which were the attention-grabber, pre-release. Dilip Subbarayan has choreographed very natural fight sequences. The body language of those performing the stunts were casual and realistic, with the kicks and punches, captured well with the camera. Most of the stunt scenes takes place in the latter half, once the hero has positioned himself as 'Route Thala'. Ramalingam, the art director has done a simple yet effective work in the art department. The setting is quite tricky because, the plot revolves around the beginning of the 21st century and centered around a semi-rural, semi-urban surroundings. Though actual locations helped a lot in projecting the correct setting, his props such as posters and household items were realistic touch. Leo John Paul would have had a tough time in the editing department, because the whole movie is a light-hearted one and filled with humorous scenes. So the editing, needs to be carefully done in order to avoid tedious and slow pace. His work in the songs was good. Cinematography was natural and earthy, thanks to P.K Varma's natural lighting and with the assistance of RED Pro 5.0, his camerawork was solid, especially in night sequences and the late evenings, where he captures the soft and warm, earthy dew moments.

A major highlight and USP of the film is the music by Santhosh Narayanan. In tune with the mood of the film, the songs too were light-hearted and mastered crystal clearly by Leon Zervos, a multiple Grammy and BAFTA awards winning sound engineer. The pick of the lot from the Blues-genre songs was "Aasai Oar Pulveli". A warm and breezy song, it was shot with montages and wonderful lighting, capturing lovely evening moments of the lead pair in colleges and their surroundings. "Aadi Pona Aavani", a song which got popular due to its singer 'Gaana' Bala is the other best one from the album. Picturized mostly inside the bus, the lead artist performed and emoted very well for the song, making it look very natural and lively. "Adi Yen Gana Mayil" is a pathos song, shot humorously at a real funeral house, which involves funny dancing by the protagonist. "Podi Vecha" is also shot with montages and involves lots of chasing and fights, which highlights the rise of the protagonist as a 'Route Thala'. "Nadukadalule" is another funny and quirky song, shot at night which was picturized having the protagonist singing, and surrounded by his friends and family. The lighting was very apt for the song and captured the mood perfectly. "Vazhi Parthirunthen" is a situational song, which comes with the flow of the song, showing the pain of the protagonist waiting anxiously for his girl. Santhosh has done quite well in the background score too but he must avoid inserting music during dialogue portions as well, cause it is a unnecessarily deviates our attention.

Pa.Ranjith has crafted a simple and natural film, which does not deal with any serious issues. He has captured the life and times of the youths who are from the semi-rural, semi-urban area very well and depicted what were their activities and mentality, which will be an eye-opener for those who are not accustomed to those areas where the people belong to the lower-middle class category. The film has plenty of light-hearted, humorous scenes laced with casual and natural dialogues. The film slows down in pace in the second half and a minor turn-off for those who would want to watch serious cinema is that, the film has no solid story to tell ! We are just taken into a journey of the protagonist, who keeps on falling in love even after failures over failures. The climax has a small shock for the viewers, which takes us back a little. Having a background in drawing comics, Pa.Ranjith was able to visualize his scenes properly and at the same time, keeping them crisp and short. Besides that, he has done the role of the narrator of the plot as well.

In short, 'Attakathi' is recommended for those who would want to watch something ligh-hearted but at the same time, fresh and natural. The sweet and charming moments in the film will compensate for the lack of a serious story and the slow paced second half. Thumbs up for the first-timers !

Ratings: 2.5/5 STARS



Vijay Antony made everyone sit up and notice, literally, when the announcement came that he is going to produce a film. But it was a bigger surprise, when he decided to cast himself as the protagonist. Many asked and wondered, why the necessity for him to plunge into production and acting when he is doing successful as a music director. Well, Vijay Antony is a brave man and a little sensible one, when he decided to collaborate with his ex-college mate Sankar, now known as Jeeva Sankar, a former associate of late cinematographer Jeeva. When friends come together, a good outcome is expected, especially when the friends are talented. So, does 'Naan' delivered the promises it made, of being a good film with interesting twists, during the promotions?

The cast is relatively small and simple. Vijay Antony takes the protagonist role, which suits him to T. But the problem is, he needs to improve drastically if he wants to continue acting. He has done an average job, but there was not much variations in expressions and dialogue delivery and most of the time, his performance was very monotonous. There are scenes which gives him good scope to perform, which Vijay Antony fails to capitalize. His look and physique, do match the character etched out, by the director, but you need solid performance, if you want to make a good film and that too, a thriller. Sidharth Venugopal, makes a comeback in this film, after his outing in 'Aanandha Thaandavam'. He is uber cool and composed with his performance. He too, suits the character very well and his presence makes the film to take a little colorful and cheery look. Rupa Manjari takes the best role among the girls in the film. She looks good, fresh and performs smoothly, especially with her dialogue delivery. Anuya Bhagvath and Vibha Natarajan, has nothing much to do, rather than appear in questionable roles. Vijay Victor, Krishnamurthy and others fills up the other characters in the film.

The film carries simple and neat technical work. Editing by Suriya was very neat, especially with the montage sequences in the songs. Vithiesh, the art director has minimal work, but excels in it. The interiors of the house setting is an example, be it the posh bungalow house or even a small cramped, middle-class house. Rajasekar's stunts were very natural, which involves struggles and pushing/shoving. Kudos to him ! Sound designing by R.Janarthanan and Sakthivel should be appreciated as well, especially for the climax scene. Jeeva Sankar takes care of the cinematography, and one look at some scenes, and you are instantly reminded of Jeeva. With bluish color palette and soft-lighting, the film carries a dark and subtle look throughout and nothing was too colorful or blaring, in nature. His well composed camera movements, needs to be appreciated too. Vijay Antony takes care of the music, and as usual, he has delivered some peppy numbers. The pick of the lot will definitely be "Makayala". The club number was well shot and edited with good dance movements by Shobi. The lighting and color tone, created the perfect ambiance for the song. The other three songs, "Ulaginil Miga", "Thappellam", "Dhinam Dhinam" are all montage sequences. The first being shot in juvenile home, showcasing the upbringing of the protagonist. The second song involves about the impersonation moves made by the protagonist and the final song involves about the predicaments of a few characters. His background score too, is pretty good, and follows the mood and flow of the script.

Jeeva Sankar has come up with an interesting and a good idea of an intelligent thriller script, which has some shades of popular Hollywood films such as, 'The Talented Mr.Ripley' and 'Taking Lives'. The story is interesting and suspense factor was really taken care of. Some intelligence is evident in the screenplay by Jeeva Sankar but the biggest drawback, is the loopholes left out unplugged and few questions which goes unanswered, leaving the audience with the question of, "Is there a sequel to this ?", hanging in the balance. As some intelligence is seen in the screenplay, so does some flaws and glitches in the narration. Also, the director has taken the liberty of finishing of few questions, abruptly without letting the script to end organically. A sequel is possible and within the same setting, but it is upon the directors' discretion to come up with one. Along with Neelan K. Sekar, Jeeva Sankar has come up with simple and crisp dialogues, which suits such thriller films.

'Naan' is a bold attempt by Vijay Antony and deserves a pat for backing a good project. But this could have been a much better affair if Vijay Antony had gone for some acting classes before and if Jeeva Sankar has had polished the script, by closing all the holes in it. 'Naan' - not so great, but not so bad, either.

Ratings: 2.5/5 STARS



'Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai' is a film long in the process which marks the next directorial venture of the "Naaka Mukka" director P.V Prasath. 'Kadhalil Vizhunthen' attained great media coverage for its chartbuster songs and also for the dark thriller aspect. With a totally fresh cast and crew, P.V Prasath treads the same path with another dark thriller this time, as well.

As mentioned earlier, the acting cast is entirely fresh and new. Vishwa makes his debut as a hero through this film. With good height and decent physique, he should have capitalized on his plus points. His dancing is okay and dialogue delivery is not too bad but his expressions and emoting skills need to be improved vastly, if he intends to pursue a career in this acting field. His character loses the depth and emotional connectivity it needed, due to his lack of emoting talent. Tanvi Vyas, a former Miss India Earth, makes her debut too. A pretty face was required and she pretty much fits the bill. With standard expressions and scope of performance in this film, she has to work with better directors if she wants to improve her acting capability. Irfan, the television personality, Ravi Kale, Mahendran, Satish and others makes up for the rest of the cast.

Technical wise, this film carries some good and decent work. 'Supreme' Sundar's stunt sequences are well choreographed, especially, the one shot in a half-built building, at night. Veteran V.T Vijayan's editing is flawless, compact and concise. Paulraj, the art director has done a decent job with the art department, especially with the interiors of the heroine's posh apartment, keeping in mind with the fashion designing background of the heroine's character. S.D Vijay Milton has done a very well in the cinematography department. His long shot, camera movement, angles and color tone used for scenes were very apt. Especially in the songs and night sequences, he captures the moment and intensity very well with his camera. A.J Daniel, the music director is also a newcomer. A former assistant to Harris Jeyaraj, he has delivered good songs in this film. Funnily, the film director has structured the format and song pattern, resembling the same situation and mood as his previous film ! "Oorakaali" is a typical loud and abrasive dance song, with quirky movements from Sridhar and some interesting camera movements and lighting from Vijay Milton, shot in warehouse, streets and dhobi ghat areas. The pick of the album is certainly the "Oru Paarvaiyile" number. A melody rendered by Harish Raghavendra, it was shot in montage sequences with some dance movements in between, set in Bangalore. "Eppadi Manasukkul Vanthai" song comes in a bit-song format. "Yen Kadhal" is another hummable song, sung by Karthik. Again, Vijay Milton uses fine camera movements and breezy color tone throughout the song, with minimal and subtle artwork by Paulraj, with couple of montage sequences. "Kannakuzhi Azhagi" is another dance routine number, picturized on open-top bus and the college areas, featuring the hero dancing in unique dance movements. "Uyire" is another bit-song, picturized with the heroine against the heroine and finally "Muthangal" song is shot in the apartment set with very romantic mood and lighting created by S.D Vijay Milton and Paulraj's art work enhances the feel-good look of the song.

As mentioned earlier, P.V Prasath has gone for a similar dark theme as with his debut venture. This time it has couple of interesting twists and knots. The problem with the script is that, it has gaping holes in the plot and a unnecessarily long drawn-out climax. Questionable circumstances are aplenty in the film and the performance of the lead artistes are not engaging or powerful enough, but it is watchable to certain extent, due to the interesting twists, here and there. Surprisingly, S.D Vijay Milton handles the dialogues as well and he has done a good job with it, as the dialogues are sharp and crisp. Also, the songs are eerily similar in structure with his previous film, with same situations and mood. His casting is not so strong as well, because with a better cast, especially for the lead pair roles, the performance would have lessened the damage of the weak script.

P.V Prasath, came up with a interesting idea but his loophole-filled scripting work and weak performances of lead artistes brought down the film, which has good technical values.

Ratings: 2/5 STARS